Dolphin Setup

Follow this documentation closely in order to avoid issues that may arise. Please take careful note of any important, warning, note, etc. boxes that refer to the most common mistakes or issues that may happen.

Configuring Dolphin


Always use the latest beta build of Dolphin for NetPlay.

  • Download the latest Dolphin Beta

The latest Dolphin Emulator Beta includes bug fixes, performance enhancements, and other improvements to streamline your Netplay process. It is also supported by the Dolphin developers should you run into any issues, unlike Slippi or other Faster Melee variants.


Do not use any variants of Slippi or FM. The project maintainer for Slippi has made it clear they do not want any other games being used for good reason.

  • Recommended Settings for Dolphin

It is recommended you enable/disable the following settings:


Enable Cheats = ON
Auto Update = ON (BETA)

Show On-Screen Display Messages = ON


Show FPS = ON
Show NetPlay Ping = ON


DATA (Top Left Menu Bar):
Sync Saves = OFF
Sync AR/Gecko Codes = OFF
Fair Input Delay = ON


Right click game > Host with NetPlay to access the NetPlay settings.

After all these steps, you will set up your controller to inferface with the game under the Controllers option.

Configuring the Game

  • Getting the Game

The Kirby Air Ride Hack Pack is the version used for NetPlay. It includes various imporvements that can be viewed on this page

  • Importing Gecko Codes

You will import Gecko Codes in order to provide over 200+ Gecko Codes and default-enabled NetPlay-based codes.

Download the Gecko Codes by following instructions below:

Kirby Air Ride Hack Pack

Right Click Me > Save Link As

Kirby Air Ride

Right Click This > Save Link As

Gecko Code Modifier Guide

You know the drill.

Place these files into your User/Gamesettings or Sys/Gamesettings Dolphin directory folder depending on whether you are using a portable install.

Everything is now set. You can now look forward to hosting or connecting to a NetPlay session without trouble.