Hack Pack Features

The Kirby Air Ride Hack Pack, developed by UnclePunch, was released in 2017. This mod brings numerous enhancements to the base game and implements optimizations specifically designed for NetPlay.


The Hack Pack is no longer developed. What you see is what you get.

Accessing the Hack Pack Menu

To access the Hack Pack menu, select Debug option on the main menu, where LAN previously occupied.


Debug Menu Functionality

Debug level controls the menu accessibility. Any value not "0" activates the debug menu. This guide does not cover the debug menu functionality. Those options can be viewed on TCRF’s website.

Using Alternate Colors

To use alternate colors, press L or R on the color (or air ride machine) select screen. These can be combined with the native color selection to make up to 24 different Kirby colors!

Feature List

• Boot to main menu

• Brand New Custom Debug Menu

• Press L/R on Character Select Screen to Load Alternate Costumes (24 Total Colors)

• Added 80+ Additional Kirby Songs

• ARDX Machine Pack (Balanced by perry1853108)

• Slick Machine Pack (Balanced by A_Y)

• Customize Music Playlists

• Customize Random Event Selection

• Customize Random Stadium Selection

• Customize Item Spawn Frequency

• Customize Time Between Events

• Choose Between 3 Different City Trial Themes! (Normal, Winter, Autumn Sunset)

• Option to Start With a Random Machine During City Trial

• Unlock Everything, Checklists Empty

• Cursor Hovered Over City Trial by Default

• Unlock City Trial Timer (1-99 Minutes)

• Press X to Look Behind

• Press B to Brake

• Press Z to Drop Abilities

• Press Z While Paused to Randomize the Music

• Can Dismount Machine in Air Ride

• Unrestricted Pause Camera

• Zoom in/out with X+Y While Paused

• Default Camera Position Zoomed Out (Higher FOV)

• City Trial Starts at 8 Minutes